International coffee consulting


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Our strategy in consulting is to find a way to empower you to make the decisions you need to make and to solve the more complex problems. We also strive to find a comfortable way of executing the consulting transaction that suits your management style.

We find that most consulting services we offer fall into the following categories:

  • Market Development
  • Café and Roastery Development
  • Green Coffee Market Development
  •  Training
  • Other

Market Development Offerings

  • Market research
  • Market expansion and development
  • Promotion tactical planning
  • Media metrics
  • Media mix development and continuity
  • Go-To marketing plans
  • Demographic identity and analysis

Café and Roastery Development

  • Site selection
  • Layout service
  • Operations manual development
  • Process control
  • Green coffee sourcing
  • Blend development
  • Wholesale market strategies
  • Roasting and operations training
  • Market expansion

Green Coffee Market Development

  • Importing and warehouse strategies
  • Lot evaluation and Pre-Q certification analysis
  • Roaster outreach (Market Expansion)
  • Direct Relationship services
  • Farm development strategies


  • CQI Q-Grader Training
  • Pre- Q Preparation
  • CQI R-Grader Training
  • SCAA Certified Training I Roasting, Brewing, and Cup Taster
  • SCAA Certified Lab planning
  • Custom roasting curriculum and trained at your facility
  • Custom Employee Trainings at your facility


  • Origin Trip Services: Guide, Host and Training
  • Green Coffee Auction Services
  • Guest Lectures
  • Coffee Tech Support Line (Subscription service)