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International coffee consulting



Our strategy in consulting is to find a way to empower you to make the decisions you need to make and to solve the more complex problems. We also strive to find a comfortable way of executing the consulting transaction that suits your management style.

We find that most consulting services we offer fall into the following categories:

  • Market Development
  • Café and Roastery Development
  • Green Coffee Market Development
  •  Training
  • Other

Market Development Offerings

  • Market research
  • Market expansion and development
  • Promotion tactical planning
  • Media metrics
  • Media mix development and continuity
  • Go-To marketing plans
  • Demographic identity and analysis

Café and Roastery Development

  • Site selection
  • Layout service
  • Operations manual development
  • Process control
  • Green coffee sourcing
  • Blend development
  • Wholesale market strategies
  • Roasting and operations training
  • Market expansion

Green Coffee Market Development

  • Importing and warehouse strategies
  • Lot evaluation and Pre-Q certification analysis
  • Roaster outreach (Market Expansion)
  • Direct Relationship services
  • Farm development strategies


  • CQI Q-Grader Training
  • Pre- Q Preparation
  • CQI R-Grader Training
  • SCAA Certified Training I Roasting, Brewing, and Cup Taster
  • SCAA Certified Lab planning
  • Custom roasting curriculum and trained at your facility
  • Custom Employee Trainings at your facility


  • Origin Trip Services: Guide, Host and Training
  • Green Coffee Auction Services
  • Guest Lectures
  • Coffee Tech Support Line (Subscription service)


  1. By Project - Most services can be contracted as either hourly or are project based. We work with you to find the best strategy for you and negotiate a fair price.
  2. On Retainer - We have two ways to 'pay as you go'.
    1. The first is our tech support hotline where you can ask us anything and we will either give you the answer on the spot OR we will give you an estimate of how much research would be needed to get to the answer. Pricing in this format is $100 per month plus only $100 per hour
    2. The second is a 10 hour retainer of services you buy all up front and then use the time as needed, on demand, and real time. A 10 hour block is $1250.