Q Calibration Extensions TIME IS RUNNING OUT



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CQI sent the following Email out to all Q students.

Please contact us so we can get you calibrated!

We hope you are all doing well! CQI’s education team has agreed on a final deadline for calibration/retake extensions due to COVID19 delays. The final extension date to present calibrations or retakes is June 30th, 2022. Please see below for the email that was sent out to students with approved extension requests. This extension also applies to anyone who falls within the timeline for COVID19 extensions, not just the students who applied for an extension. Students no longer need to fill out the extension request form. It is up to the student and instructor/assistant instructor to verify student eligibility by reviewing their course history in the CQI database.


The following criteria must be met for a student to qualify for this final extension:

For calibrations: Their certificate would have expired June 2019 and onward
For retake exams: Their initial Q course would have started in June 2018 and onward


As an instructor/assistant instructor, please continue to confirm student eligibility and feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We will also update our website messaging and provide these updates on social media.


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