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Web content

created videos as content on coffee company website.

MArket research

Helped a Fortune 500 company develop a sales strategy for reaching roasters.

Yunnan Coffee:   Green Coffee Competition – Record Auction Price

Hot new Origin – Cool new Buying Platform

Pu’er China  The Yunnan Coffee Exchange sponsored the Best of Yunnan Green Coffee Competition and Auction. A panel of both local and international judges were seated and used the Q-Grading system developed by the Coffee Quality Institute to grade the coffees. From over 100 micro-lot samples submitted, the panel picked the top 12 coffees.  The final 12 coffees were auctioned off this week in Shanghai. YCE would like to congratulate Pa Dian Coffee for winning the competition again this year with a cupping score of 84.825. It was a washed coffee and it sold at the live auction for 1800/RMB/kg or about 126.38/lb

These coffees will be featured in the YCE booth at the SCAA show in Atlanta.

 The new Yunnan Coffee Exchange Trading Platform is being used to auction off the remaining lots from the top 24 coffees. You can participate by logging on to their site and registering a user ID at www.ycexchange.cn

 The Yunnan Coffee Exchange (YCE) is now online and hopes to be the predominant coffee exchange in Asia. It is an online coffee auction open to any bidder in the world. The trading will only involve traceable lots or ‘Farmer Identified’ coffee. All will be micro-lots with a Q-Grade of 80+. The exchange promises to bag the coffee to the needs of the buyer including 1K, 2k, 5k, 10k vacuum sealed bags as well as 60k jute bags.  YCE has contracted with CQI to assist in the development of the grading system to help buyers confidently understand the qualities of the coffee they are bidding on even if they do not get a sample first. A team of Q-graders evaluate each lot, score it and give cupping notes to be included in the online auction notes.

Here is how you can be a part of this Hot New Origin and Cool New Buying Platform

Sign up to be a buyer of Yunnan coffee at www.YCexchange.cn  
Visit the YCE booth in Atlanta – You can also sign up there – Taste some of the coffee.
Sign up for the cupping room in Atlanta Saturday Morning with Rocky Rhodes  Rocky@INTLcoffeeConsulting.com  SPACE IS LIMITED!

farmer training

Executed a farm level training tour for producers in North Sumatra Indonesia

Supply chain

Worked in Colombia with a farming group to develop a seed to cup solution.

ICC assisted in Selecting the international Panel of Judges from 7 countries.

Roaster start-up

Assisted in equipment training and blend development for new roasting company.

some of the projects we have worked on:

International coffee consulting


Coffee lab design

Assisted lab owners on choices leading to certification of their teaching labs

Market Research

Lead an analysis of the viability and growth potential of Q Certified coffees.

Coffee competition

Participated at origin in coffee competitions as both organizer and head judge.


Yunnan Coffee Exchange

Non-profit fundraising

Helped a coffee charity grow their online coffee auction fundraiser.

Origin Trip

Lead origin excursion for roasters in El Salvador.

in house training

Developed coffee training for Fortune 1000 company


Winning Producer of Green Coffee Competition

green coffee auction

Assisted the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia develop and grow their auction